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Difference Between Hangfire And MSMQ

Hangfire or MSMQ
Developers are confused when it comes to making a decision whether to use Hangfire or MSMQ, what difference is MSMQ to Hangfire or are they really doing the same thing? Whether you decide to use Hangfire or MSMQ or both for your applications, it would work. But there is a slight difference.

What is Hangfire
Hangfire is an open-source framework that helps to create, process and manage your background jobs, i.e. operations you don't want to put in your request processing pipeline: Mass notifications/newslettersBatch import from XML,CSV,JSONBuilding different graphs ...

What is MSMQ

Message Queuing (MSMQ) technology enables applications running at different times to communicate across heterogeneous networks and systems that may be temporarily offline. Applications send messages to queues and read messages from queues.


Working with enterprise applications that require lot of persistent logic, and your applications communicate across heterogeneous networks, somet…

Simple Bitcoin Calculator

Hello, it's crypto time!!! I am going to show you how to use Bitcoin exchange rates and currency conversion that supports all major currencies. I am currently using Coindesk which provides API to make data programmatically available to others. 
To use the  API, you don't need to register, it is free!
You can check out the supported currencies available on their website. To use the endpoint, you make a request to:[code].json
The code parameter accepts a valid ISO 4217 currency code 
A sample request

Take a look at the result, you would notice the rate and the rate_float object, which contains the exchange rate for the local currency to BTC. Below is a formula to convert BTC to your local currency.
Formula = BTC Amount * Exchange Rate = Local currency Price
Building the Bitcoin Calculator

Using a client to consume the JSON data returned from the endpoint is the first thing to do. You can use Asp.Net HttpClient class, Jquery getJso…