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.Net Image Upload in Cloudinary

Cloudinary In C# Cloudinary is the market leader in providing a comprehensive cloud-based image management solution. Cloudinary is being used by tens of thousands of web and mobile application developers all around the world, from small startups to large enterprises. We are here to cover your every image-related need. Cloud storage is the way If you still write code to save files or images in a folder in your production/development server or even in the database, you are in trouble. I just hope you are aware of the consequences of doing that. I built a class that allows you to upload, remove and download images from cloudinary which can be used in your web projects too. But, before you dive into coding, you have to register on cloudinary website and get an API key for development. The Code before we create the class, install the cloudinary package via nugget using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Web; using CloudinaryDotNet; using CloudinaryDot