Coingate in .Net

Accepting payment in Bitcoin C#

Accepting payment on your e-commerce site, online stores and your custom website have never been easy, but with the Bitcoin Payment Gateway, it is a relief. There is a lot of BTC payment gateway on the internet which provides means for merchants to receive payment, Buy and Sell BTC, receive BTC in their local currency and also create digital wallets.

The few providers out there are:

And lots more…

BTC payment using Coingate

Coingate allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin, accept Bitcoin using the merchant API. For Java/PHP developers, visit the developer section for implementation guide or you can download one of the examples listed.  In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use C# to accept payment in BTC with Coingate. Before you can become a merchant you have to sign up and verify your account. For testing, you can sign up here


All calls to Coingate API requires authentication. You can authenticate by passing 3 headers which are:
  • API Key - You can generate your API Key in account area. From the main account, navigate to Apps and create a new app.
  • Nonce - A nonce is an integer that must be increasing with every request.
  • Signature - It is a HMAC-SHA256 encoded message containing: nonce, app ID and API key.
Visit get more info about authentication. The Coinbase.Net code which is available on Git would generate a signature internally; the only values needed are the API Keys and App Secret key and App id which can be found in the Coingate dashboard

public Coingate(string apiKey, string apiSecret, string appId, bool useSandbox = true)

Coingate.Net allows you accept payments in BTC in C#. It has basic functions like creating and retrieving orders. It handles the generation of signature internally;  you only need to pass basic parameters found in the Merchant dashboard. The source code available on Git


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  2. Using this way how to create Pay with AltCoins payment with mvc c#? can you please tell me.

    1. Sorry the AltCoins Feature is not enabled in the sandbox mode, but it works fine in production mode.

    2. Thank you for your replay. Your solution it's very nice and easy to understand. I need to more one thing know here I have create one demo and it's work fine. I have go for the create new order after redirect to invoice page for payment So there I need change and modify invoice screen and set company logo, some text so it's possible there? can you please help me on that.

    3. Hi, there should be a way to add a custom image in the production mode. But, in the sandbox environment there is no such option.

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  4. Not able to integrate with
    Could you please help ?

    1. Hi, can you please make sure you have signed up on their site and get a key for integration after doing that you can get the source code on git

    2. HI Thank you for the reply
      In github the source supports only v1 of coingate we required v2 source to integrate the coingate into the pages

    3. Ok. I will post the v2 implementation when its completed.

  5. How to pass values from the order page which we have in ?

  6. Can we have the code for coingate version 2 ???


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