Visual Studio 2017 Live Share

Visual Studio Introduces Live Sharing

Collaboration is key when it comes to working on a project with teams. Visual studio has improved drastically over the years. Visual studio 2017 allows developers to collaborate on projects at real-time.

This is not like GIT of TFS, it is something that would eventually be an improvement and would make work easier and faster for developers. Imagine when working on a project and you share a portion of your code to a fellow developer to monitor, track your progress and even correct your mistakes at real-time. Cool right? Yeah!!! Hail Visual Studio.

Check out this video to know more about Visual Studio Live Sharing

More Features

Visual Studio 2017 also has more new great features that enhances the productivity of developers around the globe. The features are:

  • You can now navigate, write, and fix your code fast
  • Quickly find and fix bugs
  • Use version control to collaborate efficiently
And lots more...

Visit visual studio website to find out more features


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